With an increase of COVID-19 concerns, customers are seeing a decrease of toilet paper and other paper products at area stores.

Other aisles which include items such as cleaning supplies and sanitizers, eggs, bread and ramen have also taken a dent in inventory.

People across social media shared their concerns of having little to no toilet paper. Some took pride in the fact that they found just one package of toilet paper and others are starting to think about other options.

Several reasons as to why people have purchased so many items were shared in an article from USA Today. According to the psychologists and public health experts the publication spoke with, reasons can include fear of the unknown, the feeling of a looming threat, the appearance of mixed messages and “reading about the outbreak obsessively”.

“There isn't any real practical reason to stock up on toilet paper, but it may make people feel a bit in control of a situation rife with unknowns,” the article notes. David Ropeik, an expert on risk communication said, “that's important, because constant worry may make people more susceptible to the very thing they fear. Long-term stress is known to weaken the immune system.

"The more worried we are, the more vulnerable we are to this disease. The less worried we are because we bought toilet paper, silly as that seems, the more we've reduced our fear and minimized the effects on our immune system."