FRONTENAC — With the spread of the novel coronavirus nationwide leading to limitations on many kinds of recreational activities, people are looking for alternatives.

The Crawford County Commission approved an order Tuesday by the County Board of Health that restricts public gatherings of more than 10 people, as well as access to many businesses.

According to a COVID-19 update video from Pittsburg City Manager Daron Hall posted online Wednesday, it is okay to go take walks, particularly at parks, but people should avoid touching any playground equipment.

“We have parks and we have trails,” Hall said in the video. “We encourage you to use them to get fresh air but by all means, the parks equipment — the playground equipment specifically — there’s no way to keep it clean so do yourself a favor take a ball, take a fishing pole, do something else, stay off the playground equipment for the foreseeable future.”

Like many local residents, Frontenac resident Alyssa Edwards — a mother of two young children — has been looking for activities her children can do without the risk of getting the coronavirus.

Edwards said she wanted her children to enjoy the spring weather and connect with classmates so she created a Facebook page called Frontenac Community Scavenger Hunt. She got the idea from a shamrock hunt another Facebook group posted.

Area residents who follow the Facebook page place the scavenger hunt item in their window so people can see. In the past, it’s been pictures of silly faces and animals. The seekers walk around on sidewalks to see how many they can find and take a photo of the item and share it on the group’s page.

“The kids are out of school and they don’t get to see their friends,” Edwards said. “I know my little one wants to see all of her friends, so it kind of gives them something else — to see their friends even if they can’t play with them. They still get to be involved.”

Edwards found other creative activities for her children too. They decorated cookies and also hid little dog figures through the house for an indoor scavenger hunt. Edwards also used the live video option on Facebook so her daughter could play bingo with other children. The children’s dance teams uploaded online courses so they can keep practicing.

“Everyone is kind of creating things, trying to keep the normal for the kids,” Edwards said, “but honestly kids are having more fun than they were before just because we are going out of our way to find fun things.”