Several Easter celebrations have been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Although those plans have been put aside there are several other ways to celebrate the holiday.

Many churches are planning to stream their Easter services online, several of which have been doing so for the past few weeks. One local church is hosting a drive-in service where people stay in their vehicles to maintain the social distancing guidelines put forth by the CDC and public health officials. Get in touch with your church to see what services they are offering.

Keeping up with traditions, such as large family gatherings, can be difficult because many grandparents and other older family members may have a higher risk of complications from coronavirus, as noted in a recent USA Today report. Grandparents can still be involved and be safe while quarantined.

Families can drop off homemade Easter baskets at grandma’s doorstep. It is recommended to disinfect the specially crafted baskets and stay at least six feet away.

Using technology, such as video calls can be useful to reach family who are at high risk.

When it comes to the traditional Easter egg hunt, it’s time to get creative. Area Easter egg hunts have been canceled. Hunts can still be done outdoors at home and there’s also an option to have Easter egg hunts indoors. People can use more eggs just for fun. Even adults can have their own indoor search for eggs willed with post-quarantine dates or whatever else.

Children can still meet the Easter bunny thanks to technology. People can track the “Easter bunny” online through various websites and applications such as

Easter lunch or dinner can still be enjoyed together, instead of in person use video chat. The computer or mobile device can sit on the table and people can eat separately yet together.

To prepare for the Easter festivities at home, parents can allow the children participate in decorating the house. Children can help make crafts and treats — such as decorating cookies or cakes.