FRANKLIN — When Donna Sue Pintar accepted a position as operations manager at Miners Hall Museum she had no idea she would soon be dealing with a national emergency as well as learning the daily operations of the museum and the other properties owned by the foundation.

Shortly after she began work on Feb. 10, the museum had to be temporarily closed. Much of Pintar’s training is now taking place via phone calls and online video conferencing with board and committee members.

Pintar is quickly taking on the management role of rescheduling, contacting members, fielding phone calls and inquiries, as well as learning the requirements of the position and other duties involved with working in the museum field, a press release from MHM said. She coordinates with the committee chairs to carry out the operations of the museum.

Because of the merger of FCCI (Franklin Community Council, Inc.) and Miners Hall Museum Pintar is also responsible for the operations, reservations and other aspects involving the Franklin Community Park and the welcome sign area at Highway 47 and Highway 69.

Miners Hall Museum Foundation, Inc. also provides training positions for the SER Corporation, which is a non-profit that helps with the training, placement and other opportunities for citizens over 55 who qualify. Pintar manages these trainees and schedules training of these participants. Currently, SER participants have been receiving paid time off because of the national emergency.

Pintar finds this time provides her an opportunity to become familiar with the museum's procedures and the specialized museum software programs, and to review procedures and guidelines, the organization of the volunteer program, and fundraising activities.

"The MHM Board of Trustees welcomes Donna Sue Pintar and continues its business during this time conducting business meetings online," MHM said.

Upcoming programs:

Unfortunately, the last program in the "Music of the Little Balkans" series hosted by J. T. Knoll had to be postponed. The upcoming exhibit "Little Balkans Coal Camp: Weir" hosted by David Wallace was scheduled to open April 1, but it has been postponed and is now tentatively scheduled to become the third quarterly exhibit opening July 1. The exhibit and programs will include a wide-ranging display and presentations on the "boom town" era of Weir City, Kansas from 1866 to 1950. The display will include story boards, a colorful timeline, and pictures of Weir City and the surrounding area.