FRONTENAC — Easter was a little different this year with the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting Monday, Father PJ Voegeli from Sacred Heart Church began blessing homes, which they call Easter blessings.

Although it’s been a while since an Easter blessing at each home was done in Frontenac, it’s a fairly common thing to do in the Catholic church history.

“On big celebrations [Christmas and Easter] we would go around and bless houses,” Father PJ said. “With the COVID outbreak and people being stuck at home and not being able to come up to the church this was a good opportunity to get out in the community.

“It’s kind of cool because we can do the blessing without having to have any kind of contact.”

It’s also called an epiphany blessing and the epiphany in the Catholic church is the feast when the three wise men came to visit Jesus, “so the priest would go off on the feast of the epiphany and would bless houses with the epiphany blessing,” Father PJ said.

Since Monday he’s blessed over 100 homes and counting. After he blesses a home he leaves a candle.

“More than anything it let’s them know that we are praying about them and thinking about them and we want them to know that we are family and that we love them,” Father PJ said adding that “they are in our hearts and on our minds.”

People who are not Sacred Heart parishioners nor of Catholic faith have signed up to have their homes blessed too.

“I think everybody right now could use a blessing,” Father PJ said.

The church has also been using social media and YouTube to stay connected and minister, which Father PJ said he’s considering to continue after the pandemic to help reach people who can’t come to the church.