I know I am not alone in juggling a few kids, work, and pets while all together at home. The thought that I am not the only one experiencing these adjustments is encouraging! Thanks to a team of colleagues from K-State Research and Extension, a new program is being launched to assist older children in helping to care for siblings and additional resources for all families.

The new program, Suddenly in Charge, is aimed at helping older youth learn the best ways to handle taking care of younger children, whether in their own homes or those of a neighbor or friend. "Suddenly in Charge will provide trusted guidance from experts each of the forthcoming weeks with information about the things that families need," Bradford Wiles, an Extension specialist in early childhood development said.

Over the coming weeks, helpful information will be available on the Suddenly in Charge website for teens, tweens and anyone charged with caring for younger children, whether it’s a new situation or they’ve been doing it for years. Information provided includes age appropriate activities, sitter information sheets, home safety checklist, and healthy snack recipes.

To these stellar siblings, assisting by pitching in with the younger kids is a huge help! To all of my fellow parents who are attempting to accomplish both work, school, and childcare; ‘grace, lots of grace,’ is a sign I have on my computer. Be sure to offer this along with patience and forgiveness to yourself, family members, and co-workers. We are all experiencing a bit of anxiety and uncertainty.

We are here for you now and always! The sitter solution worksheets and more information for the whole family is available at https://www.wildcatdistrict.k-state.edu/covid-19responseresources/homefoodfamily/index.html

For more information, please contact Tara Solomon-Smith, tsolomon@ksu.edu, or by calling 620-724-8233.