1. City Administrator John Zafuta and the council members discussed plans for installing stop signs in the Capaldo area and on Lanyon and Granby streets in Frontenac.

2. Zafuta announced that the city received an annual dividend check for $14,338.91 from EMC Insurance.

3. Fire Chief Jim Long announced that the city’s newly purchased and refurbished fire truck was recently delivered to Frontenac.

4. The council members agreed that they would try to meet in person on May 18 for the first time in several weeks after holding several meetings, including Monday’s, via teleconference.

5. The council discussed amending its Planning & Zoning Ordinance to start all P&Z Board members’ terms on July 1 and to hold the annual election of a board chairman and secretary on July 1, as well as eliminating the requirement that the board meet every month regardless of whether it has business it needs to discuss.