PITTSBURG —The Kansas Supreme Court announced this week that it has appointed Christina Lucas, Pittsburg Municipal Court administrator, to fill an unexpired term on the Municipal Court Clerks Education Committee (MCCEC). Lucas will serve until June 30, 2021.

“The Education Committee puts together all the information that clerks need in the state of Kansas to learn about how to run a court,” Lucas said in an interview Thursday, adding that she is excited to join the committee.

Lucas has been Pittsburg’s municipal court administrator since 2015. She previously was office manager for the Crawford County Attorney's office, where she played a key role in establishing the victim/witness protection program. She is also secretary for the Kansas Association of Court Management (KACM), where she will become vice president in October.

“We hold a conference once a year to get all the court clerks, administration together to just kind of give them additional training and we bring speakers in to educate them more on what is out there that can help us do our jobs even better,” Lucas said.

KACM’s annual conferences take place in varying locations around the state, Lucas said. She has attended them in Dodge City, Wichita, Salina, and Kansas City, she said, adding that when she becomes vice president of the organization she will be making plans for the 2021 conference, which she hopes can be held in Pittsburg, possibly at Kansas Crossing Casino.

“The vice president gets to choose” where to host the conference, Lucas said, “so of course I’m going to choose my hometown.”

Lucas is actually from Kansas City, Kansas originally, she said, but decided to stay in Pittsburg after graduating from Pittsburg State University over two decades ago, and raised her two daughters here, one of whom is graduating from PSU and the other from St. Mary’s Colgan High School this year.

In her new role at the MCCEC, Lucas will be helping the committee in recommending and organizing education and training programs for municipal court clerks statewide and reviewing and updating the Municipal Court Clerks Manual.

“We have a manual already in place; it’s about tweaking that, you know. Things change all the time, as we know, especially over the course of the last several months,” Lucas said, adding that social distancing and remote meeting requirements during the coronavirus crisis have presented challenges for courts statewide.

MCCEC members include court clerks or administrators, a representative of the Office of Judicial Administration (OJA), and the president and past president of the KACM. Positions with the KACM and OJA are on a volunteer basis, Lucas noted, and she will continue to serve in her position as Pittsburg Municipal Court administrator.