1. Undersheriff Scott Tyrell addressed the commission to discuss construction of a new 911 Communications Tower at Greenbush, which he said was almost complete but there was “a little bit of a glitch in the exterior finish” of the building which left it with “kind of a blotchy-looking appearance.” The commission approved accepting an offer of refinishing the building, along with a $1,000 discount and an extension of the exterior surface warranty for the tower from one year to five years, to resolve the problem.

2. County Clerk Don Pyle discussed CARES Act funding to help offset election-related costs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic such as costs for expanding mail-in voting in the county.

3. Commissioner Jeremy Johnson said he had been on a regional conference call where he heard about coronavirus-related grant funding opportunities for municipal and county governments to get grant money that can then be passed on to small businesses. He said he was interested in meeting with local economic development officials in the county to plan the application process for those grants.

4. Pyle discussed the county’s upcoming budget planning process.

5. County Counselor Jim Emerson asked to schedule a work session next Tuesday with Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Devin Gorman.