PITTSBURG, Kan. — In response to the coronavirus crisis and restrictions on large gatherings of people, Pittsburg has postponed its State of the City Luncheon, but the city government posted a “State of the City Update” video this week with a message from Mayor Dawn McNay.

“As we were planning the message from your city in early March, it was one of hope and excitement for our future,” McNay said. “Our message is still one of hope. As we move forward, things will look different, but if there’s one thing we know about the citizens of Pittsburg, it's their strength and resiliency.”

Over the last decade, McNay said, Pittsburg has “seen incredible growth and momentum,” and looks forward to continuing it in the future.

“Whatever the new reality looks like, we know the people of Pittsburg will continue to do what they’ve always done — work hard, care for one another, and rise above our challenges.”

The State of the City Luncheon will be rescheduled, McNay said.

“It may not look the same and we may rely on technology,” she said, “but we will continue to make communication with you our top priority. It’s more important now — more than ever — that you hear from your city regarding the impact of COVID-19.”

McNay encouraged Pittsburg residents to check for updates on COVID-19 on the city’s website and social media channels.

“As we open up our local economy, please honor the health and safety guidelines from our county and our state, so that Pittsburg can continue moving forward safely and effectively,” McNay said. “On behalf of the city commission, please stay safe and take care.”