1. In her coronavirus update for the commission, County Health Officer Rebecca Adamson noted that she had received some complaints about businesses that had reopened not doing a good enough job of following social distancing requirements. Adamson said she would send letters to the businesses that were the subjects of complaints but enforcement would be the job of local police and law enforcement agencies. Sheriff Danny Smith said his department would be working to enforce the rules but would likely not be pursuing criminal penalties against businesses at this time.

2. Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Devin Gorman addressed the commission to discuss the Crawford County Museum Fund. The commission approved the recommendation for county funding of the museums.

3. County Counselor Jim Emerson discussed items including the county’s sewer line relocation project in the Franklin area, which is nearing completion, as well as the county’s landfill contract negotiations.

4. The commissioners discussed grants that are being made available in response to the coronavirus pandemic and planning for coordinating an application for that grant funding with other area local government officials and chambers of commerce, which will then be able to disburse grant funds to qualifying small businesses.

5. In announcements at the end of the meeting Commission Chairman Bruce Blair noted that the sheriff’s department is offering drive-through VIN inspections from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. County Clerk Don Pyle said he had recently heard the driver’s license office in Pittsburg would be reopening Tuesday, although services at the office are only being offered for those who cannot resolve their driver’s license issues online.