PITTSBURG, Kan. — Like just about everyone, Jillian Lattimer has seen major disruptions to both her regular routine and her ability to plan for the immediate future over the last few months.

“I mean I didn’t really go out and do anything or, you know, get my hair done or nails or anything because everything was closed,” Lattimer said. “It’s been kind of crazy.”

Since restaurants were allowed to reopen, she has been to Guadalajara Mexican Grill once, she said. “But other than that I really stayed away pretty much.”

Lattimer lives close to Pittsburg State University campus, and Guadalajara is a convenient place to get food nearby that she would typically visit more frequently.

She wasn’t living in university housing at PSU, so she didn’t have to move out when it closed in response to the coronavirus crisis, but other changes to university operations have impacted Lattimer, who recently completed her degree in sports and recreation management, she said. For one thing, she won’t be having the spring graduation ceremony she had expected to attend.

“And they have to revise certain things, like some of us are doing internships this summer — or we were supposed to,” Lattimer said. “Some people might have to do it in the fall, and it’s just been, you know, crazy.”

Considering all the unexpected changes caused by the coronavirus crisis, Lattimer was glad to return to some sense of normalcy in getting her nails done Monday at Fancy Hair & Nails on North Broadway in Pittsburg — though she had to do so with an appointment ahead of time and while wearing a facemask.

Lattimer would usually get her nails done about every two weeks, she said. More recently, she hasn’t been able to in a month and a half or longer. Nail and hair salons as well as barber shops are among the businesses that were able to reopen for this first time in weeks on Monday.

“I was excited to finally be able to do it today,” she said.