PITTSBURG, Kan. — Pawprints on the Heartland is reminding pet owners to have a safe, quiet place for their pets during the 4th of July. Dogs have approximately one hundred times more sensitive hearing than humans, the organization noted in a press release, so owners should follow some guidelines:

1. Don’t take your dog to watch fireworks.

2. Leave your dog at home in a secure room, basement or board at a vet clinic.

3. Don’t leave your pet alone in the backyard.

4. Make sure your dog is wearing a tag or is chipped.

5. Talk to your vet about medications to help calm your pet or ask about a thunder jacket to make them feel more secure.

According to national statistics, more dogs are lost during the 4th of July period than at any other time of year, the release said. Some animals will become so frightened that they will break through screens and windows. Some pets are never found.