1. City Manager Daron Hall and Director of Finance Jamie Clarkson presented the city manager's submitted budget for 2021. There will be a public hearing on the budget at the commission’s Aug. 11 meeting. Clarkson also gave the commission a financial update on the Sales Tax Revolving Loan Fund and later in the meeting Deputy Finance Director Larissa Bowman provided the June 30, 2020 bi-monthly budget review.

2. The commission approved recommendations of the Economic Development Advisory Committee to contribute up to $400,000 for infrastructure improvements in the recently established Payton’s Hamlet and Creekside East Rural Housing Incentive Districts.

3. The commission approved providing a non-repayable grant to Alyssa Rogge for 10 percent of the redevelopment cost for a property located at 514 North Broadway, with the grant amount not to exceed $11,000.

4. The commission approved using up to $122,000 from the Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) to acquire and demolish the property located at 525 South Broadway, with commissioners Cheryl Brooks and Chuck Munsell voting against the proposal.

5. The commission approved Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals recommendations to deny two requests for conditional use permits, one which would have allowed a contractor shop and/or yard, including construction equipment and/or material storage area to be located at 1200 East 20th Street, and one which would have allowed a kennel to be located at 601 North Georgia.