About 1935-36 there was an "Awards Dinner" for the boys who carried the Kansas City Journal Post for the Fogarty News.

Ed Sherman, being district manager, hosted the dinner at his home on west Park (1st house west of the old Picco Dairy Factory).

Some of the adults there were: Ed and Ruth (Jones) Sherman; Charlie and Christine Fogarty; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Easley ... and two people I can’t remember.

The youngsters were: Shirley and Jim Sherman (Ed and Ruth’s children); Loyal "Babe" Johnson; Charles Buford (me), Fred Massman; Herbert Bellamy; Art Peterson; Herman Whitirrell; John Bates and another boy whose name I can’t recall.

About 1933, at the age of 10, I had a weekly magazine to deliver for Fogarty News, then located on Quincy just east of Joplin street — also the home of Charlie and Christine Fogarty.

My boss, Gilbert Bennington, delivered the Liberty magazine to my home and I went from there. At the time, Liberty and Saturday Evening Post were the only weekly magazines published (each by separate companies). Later on, I had a daily evening route — plus the early Sunday edition (about 4 a.m.) — for the Kansas City Journal-Post.

I rode my bike after school to 8th and Broadway where Mr. Bertone had a print shop. In the back of the building was located the "Fogarty News Warehouse" where we picked up our papers, folded them and placed them in the big canvas bags we put in the basket on our bike handle bars.

From there I headed for my five mile route in the Dutch Hill area west of Pittsburg between 4th and 20th. I remember some of the names were Gebhardt, Mosier, Tomasi and Price.

I became a good shot, but if I missed, I got off the bike and placed the paper on the porch. The way we folded the paper made it easy to throw 150 feet.

From the other carriers I learned to drink cold pop when I was cold (never something hot) and it would warm you up faster.

During the years I spent as a paperboy, I remember three trips the Fogartys sponsored: a fishing and canoeing trip on the James / Elk river at Noel, Missouri, a trip to Kansas City’s Fairyland Park with a tour of the K.C. Power and Light building, and a trip to Branson, Missouri.

At the Power and Light building we found they were experimenting with TV on one of the floors and the light display from the top of the building could be seen all over Kansas City. A very exciting trip for about twelve boys!

I recently found a postcard of the trip to Branson. On the back was a list of names. Not the same as those at the "Awards Dinner." (I wonder just how many boys worked for Charlie and Christine Fogarty over the years?) Listed on the card are Charlie and Christine Fogarty and Jimmy and Dorothy Bertone (could be the other couple in the "Awards" photo) along with paperboys Bob Massman, Charles Buford, Bill Kirby, Gilbert Strictland, Dalton Askins, Leonard McGuire, "Pee Wee" Jim Longdon and Gene Richards. Mr. Fogarty was well liked and, with the old post card, I found two small close ups of my old boss ... after all these years.

I had a paper route until my junior year in high school, when I went to work as a soda jerk at the Dan Grey Drug Store located on the southeast corner of 4th and Broadway. Then, after graduation, I went to the Kansas City Southern railway shops for 35 years.

The Fogartys lived in the Stilwell Hotel until lightning struck the corner right above their rooms. The children have since moved them up by Kansas City — to be nearer them.

I’d like to thank Charlie and Christine for all these happy memories.

— Charles T. Buford, 4-26-2000

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