PITTSBURG, Kan. — Over the course of the past year, Pittsburg business and property owners have experienced graffiti damage to their property.

"These ‘tagging’ incidents have consisted of the repeated use of words/symbols painted on property throughout the city, with downtown businesses being targeted most frequently," the Pittsburg Police Department noted in a press release this week.

The City of Pittsburg responded last summer by forming a graffiti task force, consisting of employees from several city departments. Task force members worked to identify and document the tagging incidents, and several community partners aided with a large scale cleanup effort last fall. That effort continues as tagging incidents continue to sporadically occur.

PPD has followed up on a number of leads to attempt to identify the suspects causing this damage, but most of this information has not been solid enough to lead to an arrest.

A local business owner recently provided police with surveillance footage of two suspects tagging a utility box in a downtown alley, however, with the letters "NOZ" — a tag that frequently appears throughout the downtown area.

The police are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying the two subjects shown in a short video viewable on the City of Pittsburg Youtube channel and the accompanying still images. The video and images are also included with this article and will be posted to the Morning Sun’s Facebook page.

Anyone having information related to this incident, or other incidents, is urged to contact the Pittsburg Police Department at 620-231-1700, or at the tip line, 620-231-TIPS (8477). Callers may remain anonymous.