FRONTENAC, Kan. — Since the early 1960s Sinclair Oil Corporation stations across the country have been known for a popular roadside attraction and photo op. A fiberglass DINO (pronounced DYE-NO) now resides at Raider Express in Frontenac.

Located just off US-69 at 325 East McKay, the DINO was installed June 10. According to Sinclair, there are around 580 fiberglass DINOs on display any given year – 16 are in Kansas.

"Sinclair’s advertising writers first had the idea to use dinosaurs in Sinclair marketing back in 1930," the company’s website notes. "They were promoting lubricants refined from crude oil believed to have formed when dinosaurs roamed the earth."

DINO has since been featured in marketing materials, products, in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and at multiple World’s Fairs.

Raider Express owner, Ethan Ketterman, said a contest was held to come up with a name for their DINO: "Rex", short for "Raider Express."