1. The council unanimously approved renewing the city’s insurance policy with Blue Cross Blue Shield for 2021 following a motion by Councilmember LaDonna Pyle and a second by Councilmember Pat Clinton.

2. Following a motion by Councilmember Lynn Grant and a second by Councilmember Joe Martin, the council unanimously approved adopting the 2020 personnel policy manual.

3. The council approved a resolution and an ordinance to set the start date for new council members following an election to the first council meeting in December.

4. The council declined to adopt any new ordinance or policy on mixed-used zoning after no member of the council made a motion in favor of the proposed change. Various council members said that the purpose that a new mixed-use zoning policy would serve could already be achieved through special use permits.

5. City Administrator John Zafuta was not at the meeting. City Clerk Jayme Mjelde presented the city administrator’s report to the council instead, noting that city staff had submitted a plan for reopening the Frontenac Rec Center to the Crawford County Health Department and would be reaching out to Seth Nutt of the Friends of Frontenac Homecoming Committee to see if there was a similar plan to submit for a Christmas tree lighting ceremony that would take COVID-19 health precautions into account.