A couple of years back I got the email below from former Pittsburger Jack Coughenour.

While messing around on the Internet, I spotted a picture of a barbershop on Broadway around 1900. The barbers were named Coughenour (presumably one of my ancestors) and Pogson (probably related to Dr. George Pogson, who practiced in Pittsburg in the 1950s). The Coughenour barber is listed in an early directory as living at 403 West Euclid. Sound familiar? (I live at 401 West Euclid – J.T.)

I’m sharing this email with Jack Letton, a retired California state Judge. He grew up in the house at 502 West Euclid. His father, Raymond Letton, was one of the most prominent attorneys in Kansas. His clients included Kansas City Southern, McNally Pittsburg, Pittsburg & Midway Coal and Mining, Foodtown, etc. Not bad for a country lawyer. John and I were high school classmates, and his father is the reason I went to law school.

When I started the weekly paperboy chronicles, Coughenour sent this along:

I started delivering the Headlight about 1952, and switched to the Sun a year or so later. Both of my older brothers, Bob and Bill, had also been paperboys for the Headlight and Sun. My route was west of Broadway, between 7th and 10th — about 120 customers.

We used to gather in the basement of the publishing plant around 4 a.m. to fold the papers. Dewey Slagle was in charge of the boys, and was much feared, although we seldom saw him.

On snowy days my dad would get up, put on chains, and drive the route with me sitting on the front fender. He never complained.

Collecting on Saturdays was a pain. The paper was 25 cents a week, $1 per month. One of my customers was Quincy Lumber. When the owner, Quincy Mingori, was in the store, he would always take out his coin purse and give me whatever was in it; always more than he owed.

More than six decades later, I still have nightmares about forgetting to get up to deliver the paper. Still, I firmly believe the experience was some of the best training I ever received.

— Jack Coughenour

If you have a paperboy story to share, you can send it to me at jtknoll@swbell.net or 401 W. Euclid, Pittsburg, KS 66762. — J.T. Knoll