PITTSBURG, Kan. — At the Nov. 10 Pittsburg City Commission meeting, Commissioner Patrick O’Bryan brought up the possibility of giving 2 percent raises to all city staff members. Before the COVID-19 pandemic changed the city’s budgetary plans, city staff would have recommended including the raises in the fiscal year 2021 budget.

In response to O’Bryan’s comments, City Manager Daron Hall said that following “a good year” in which the city had “a strong performance,” he would bring a recommendation back to the commission for potential approval at its Nov. 24 meeting.

“Once you put the raises out there it’s a permanent raise, but I think the staff’s deserving of it and if you guys are comfortable with it, we’d sure like the come back with a recommendation before the end of the year and just say what we think we could do,” Hall said. “It probably would be an across-the-board deal at a percentage. It wouldn't be the normal merit process where you get, you know, this based on performance.”

In light of the possibility that the city commission will soon approve the raises, the Morning Sun is publishing the salaries of all city employees.

Stipends paid to city commission members are not included in the following table of city staff salaries, which are listed from highest to lowest paid. Each of the five members of the city’s governing body is paid a $250 monthly stipend, “but it is largely a volunteer position,” according to City of Pittsburg Public Information Manager Sarah Runyon. Members of the city’s various advisory boards are not paid.

City of Pittsburg Employees Salaries:

Name Job Title Description Annual Salary ($) Hall, Daron R City Manager 152,250.02 Byers, Jay J Deputy City Manager 102,505.00 Clarkson, James C Director of Finance & Budget 100,597.12 Narges, Brent D Police Chief 91,809.12 Bacon, Matthew S Director of Public Utilities 88,425.22 Alden, Lawrence C Director, Engineering/Public Works 87,010.82 Reilly, Dennis P Fire Chief 85,020.00 Vogel, Kimberly J Director of Parks & Recreation 83,817.24 Bair, Jeff W Information Technology Manager 81,258.58 Neisler, Dexter W Asst Director of PW/City Inspections Official 79,317.94 Holmes, Quentin E Director of Community Development & Housing 76,507.60 Schaper, Melanie J Deputy Chief Of Police 73,382.14 Henderson, Benjamin D Deputy Chief Of Police 71,897.25 Clarkson, Beverly S Library Director 71,665.90 Nagel, Tammy N City Clerk 70,808.92 Ducre, Michelle L Director of Human Resources 70,699.98 Bass, Charles C Battalion Fire Chief 70,216.64 Lemon, Matt R Battalion Fire Chief 70,216.64 Main, Bryan R Battalion Fire Chief 70,216.64 Bowman, Larissa D Deputy Finance Director 70,195.06 Wells, Lonnie C Street Superintendent 68,660.02 Patterson, Christopher L Memorial Auditorium Manager 67,619.50 Lynch, Rebekah J Administrative Lieutenant 67,277.34 Woods, Jeff E Criminal Investigator II 65,811.20 Farinacci, Christopher D WWTP Superintend./Asst. Public Utilities Dir. 64,640.16 Fries, Diana L Police Lieutenant 64,434.24 Vacca, Thomas F Deputy Fire Chief/Fire Marshal/Safety Coordinator 63,861.51 Moore, Christopher S Police Lieutenant 62,330.84 Whitely, Joshua M Police Lieutenant 61,763.52 Menghini, Henry C City Attorney 61,491.30 Hart, Justin V Network Administrator II 59,413.38 Van Gorden, Joye L Office Manager 58,864.52 Sarley, Michael S Water Distribution Superintendent 58,622.98 Hardister, Gregory A Engineering Supervisor 57,220.80 Bradshaw, Terry F Water Treatment Plant Superintendent 57,216.64 Beaman, Edmond J Technical Facilities Manager 57,211.70 Noga, Joseph E Police Corporal 55,764.80 Oney-Stadler, Lauren A Human Resources Manager 54,999.88 Bowman, Travis S Police Sergeant 54,995.20 Book, Tobias R Parks Maintenance Superintendent 54,634.32 Nance, Adan E Police Sergeant 54,329.60 Blythe, Brian G Fire Captain 54,163.20 Cerne, Taylor J Fire Captain 54,163.20 Shoemaker, Michael A Fire Captain 54,163.20 Stringer, Randall M Fire Captain 54,163.20 Van Becelaere, Eric A Fire Captain 54,163.20 Cuppett, Thomas L Police Sergeant 53,913.60 Loy, Kristopher I Golf Course Superintendent 53,326.78 Wood, Richard A Fire Captain 52,736.32 Harrison, John R Criminal Investigator 52,644.80 Logan Jr, Lanny L Fleet Manager/Asset Mgmt Support 52,316.94 Crays, Tammy K Customer Service Manager 52,141.44 Vacca, Sara M Recreation Superintendent 52,030.16 Bailey, John H Special Projects Engineer 51,500.02 Peterson, Ann Dee Asst. Library Director/Patron Services Mgr 51,490.08 Hembree, Aaron J Narcotics Investigator 51,292.80 Walker, Patrick S Network Administrator I 51,166.96 Romine, Chariti L Criminal Investigator 51,064.00 Crawford, Kevin C Fire Lieutenant 50,170.62 Proffitt, Daniel A Fire Lieutenant 50,170.62 Robison, Kyle W Fire Lieutenant 50,170.62 Ziesenis, Justin A Fire Lieutenant 50,170.62 Warner, Jr, Larry N Police Corporal 50,169.60 Pyle, William M Airport Manager 50,028.16 Runyon, Sarah K Public Information Manager 49,934.30 Reagan, Jacob J Engineering Technician 49,795.20 Yoho, Jennifer D Communications Technician III 49,212.80 Cummins, Charles M Fire Lieutenant 49,067.20 Murray, Brent A Fire Lieutenant 49,067.20 Peterson, Hunter K Police Corporal 48,755.20 Newport, Michael K Wastewater Collections Superintendent 48,270.08 Mazurek, John G Legal Advisor/Muny Court Pros 48,224.54 Kmiec, Chris J Narcotics Investigator 47,652.80 Hobbs, Cody B Fire Driver/Operator 47,407.36 Bammer, Clayton A Fire Driver/Operator 47,378.24 Barrows, Christopher J Fire Driver/Operator 47,378.24 Miori, Jason T Fire Driver/Operator 47,378.24 Prewitt, Chad A Fire Driver/Operator 47,378.24 Randall, Trevor D Fire Driver/Operator 47,378.24 Trout, Dustin E Fire Driver/Operator 47,378.24 Wilcox, Joseph D Fire Driver/Operator 47,378.24 Johnson, Tyler D Fire Driver/Operator 47,203.52 Peterson, Jared D Payroll/Purchasing Manager 46,820.80 Schropp, Craig J Narcotics Investigator 46,779.20 Russell, Sarah J Human Resources Representative 46,662.04 Garrison, Stephanie K Evidence Control Specialist 46,529.60 Brummett, Aaron D WWTP Quality Controller 46,280.00 Verren, Jaime S WWTP Maintenance Technician 46,238.40 Holtz, Christopher G Police Sergeant 45,947.20 Smith, Kevin D Police Officer II 45,843.20 Goering, DeAnna K Neighborhood Redevelopment Manager 45,773.02 Fuqua, Jerry W Facility Maintenance Supervisor 45,739.20 Dillon, Rob S Project Coordinator 45,448.00 Swafford, James O Head Of Information Technology 45,223.92 Cochran, Jacob T Stormwater Collections Superintendent 44,825.04 Keener, Megan E Housing Program Manager 44,796.67 Robb, Carol Ann Head Of Adult Services 44,531.45 Hines, Leslie A Homeless Services Coordinator - ESG 6.30.20 44,500.14 Susnik, Doris I Housing Supervisor 44,241.60 Toney, Howard A Building Inspector 44,137.60 Russell, Jay R WTP Supervisor/WTP Maint. Tech 44,116.80 Dawn, Brett A Police Officer II 43,534.40 Dainty, Zachary M Police Officer II 43,409.60 Sheppard, Gail E Head Of Youth Services 43,384.67 Lucas, Christina Municipal Court Administrator 42,993.60 James, John M Police Officer II 42,972.80 Vanderpool, John S Mechanic II 42,640.00 Turner, Quentin L Police Officer II 42,369.60 McClure, Michael A Parks Facilities Coordinator 42,057.60 Colyer, John A Police Officer II 41,995.20 McCubbin, Pamela J Police Officer II 41,974.40 Fritton, Christopher A Police Officer II 41,704.00 Nichols, Christopher L Section 8 HQS Compliance Inspector 41,100.80 Guymon, Darrell L Communications Technician III 40,560.00 McCleary, Joshua A Police Officer II 40,414.40 Katzer, Christopher M Police Officer II 40,040.00 Markley, Haley D Staff Accountant II 40,040.00 Newby, Kyle J Technical Director 39,999.96 Sigmon, Robert D Mechanic I 39,977.60 Alexander, Jerod D Fire Driver/Operator 39,836.16 Brown, Lane M Fire Driver/Operator 39,836.16 Cannon, Benjamin T Fire Driver/Operator 39,836.16 Rottinghaus, Cooper D Firefighter II 39,836.16 Williams, John J Fire Driver/Operator 39,836.16 Jones, Bailey K Police Officer II 39,707.20 Ziesenis, Jessica A Public Service/Young Adult Librarian 39,665.60 Gray, Lane T Police Officer II 39,603.20 Brenner, Brittan K Community Development Specialist 39,516.05 Gaines, John T Police Officer II 39,416.00 Yetzbacher, Christopher R GIS Specialist 39,270.40 Sypniewski, Ryan M Information Technology Specialist 39,124.80 Gier, Cindy S Patron Account Coordinator 38,958.40 Saker, Rebecca S Head Of Technical Processing 38,948.83 Wagner, Michael A WWC System Operator I 38,292.80 Wegner, Gary E Stormwater Collection Operator II 37,544.00 Glover, Victoria E Public Service/Floater Librarian 37,336.00 Ewan, Annetta S Records Administrator/Public Info Coord 37,211.20 Denney, Jason E Animal Control Officer 37,169.60 Cook, Theodore E Police Officer II 37,024.00 Dawson, Randy K Clubhouse Manager 36,981.70 Hiben, Clayton F Police Officer I 36,816.00 Kmiec, Ashley S Police Officer I 36,753.60 Johnson, Jamey L WWC System Operator I 36,699.31 Oehme, Quentin L Stormwater Collection Operator II 36,670.40 Mays, Michael M Facility Maintenance Technician 36,025.60 Clark, Ashten D Recreation Manager - Operations 35,923.68 Laster, Cory J Recreation Manager - Athletics 35,923.68 Shouse, Brandon T Building Inspector 35,880.00 Spencer, Jenna A Memorial Auditorium Office Manager 35,713.60 Spencer, Jesse J Police Officer I 35,401.60 Johnson, Kent L Facility Maintenance Technician 35,318.40 Young, Robert A Water Distribution Operator I 35,276.80 Jambrosic, Robert P Police Officer II 35,214.40 Holtzman, Andrea L Administrative Support Assistant 34,860.80 Cook, Malachi R.S Building Inspector 34,840.00 Gambill, Sydney D Family Response Advocate 34,673.60 Meadows, Reva L Family Response Advocate 34,673.60 Camp, Melissa M Evidence Technician 34,611.20 Cook, Nicholas S Police Officer II 34,590.40 Alexander, Jimmy D Heavy Equipment Operator I (Streets) 34,507.20 Rhuems, James J Heavy Equipment Operator I (Streets) 34,361.60 Davied, Cody J WTP Operator I 34,257.60 D'Alfonso, Andrew M Police Officer I 34,236.80 Nordyke, Kenneth R Codes Enforcement Inspector 34,195.20 Preston, Kaci E Codes Enforcement Inspector 34,195.20 Lair, Allen J Firefighter II 33,983.04 Bryant, Joshua E Heavy Equipment Operator I (Streets) 33,841.60 Cahill, Lexie R Staff Accountant I 33,800.00 Burris, Jerry A WTP Operator II 33,696.00 Adamson, Abby M Municipal Court Clerk 33,633.60 James, Benjamin T Parks Maintenance/Vegetation Coordinator 33,633.60 Gillis, Stephen E WWTP Operator I 33,612.80 Cobb, Jeremy R Utility Location Specialist 33,529.60 Clark, James A Information Technology Specialist 33,300.80 Thompson, Brian J Heavy Equipment Operator I (Streets) 33,280.00 Smith, Frederick R Municipal Court Judge 32,971.12 Graham, Linda K Aquatic Center Manager 32,760.00 Frye, Tammy M Custodian 32,572.80 Commons, Amanda S Customer Service Specialist II 32,281.60 Barnes, Julie C Communications Technician II 32,198.40 Winsea, Nathaniel B Police Officer I 31,990.40 Robbins, Seth E Police Officer I 31,678.40 Henry, Ronald E Heavy Equipment Operator 31,512.00 Clark , Dylan M Police Officer I 31,220.80 Holtzman, Joshua J WWC System Operator 31,220.80 Komma, Matthew H Police Officer I 31,220.80 Renfro, Cody A Multimedia Production Specialist 31,200.00 McCullough, Edward E WTP Operator I 31,179.20 Young, Carol S Prosecution Clerk 31,054.40 Longan, David A WWC System Operator I 31,021.95 Whitwood, Kathryn J Communications Technician II 30,596.80 Laskares, Robert H Building Maintenance Worker 30,513.60 Baker, Greg S Maintenance Worker III 30,409.60 Simons, Blake M Mechanic I 30,305.60 Degruson, Darrick E Traffic & Communications Technician 30,222.40 Cope, Hailey Communications Technician I 30,160.00 Price, David E WTP Operator I 30,139.20 Brown-Majors, Gavin C Utilities Heavy Equipment Operator Apprentice 29,952.00 Stanley, Sharon G Animal Control Technician 29,952.00 Stuckwisch, Warren J Custodian 29,931.20 Brown, Tanner D Firefighter 29,760.64 Walsh, Dillon M Firefighter I 29,760.64 Watson, Reece M Firefighter I 29,760.64 Sheppard, Lemuel A Custodian 29,681.60 Webb, Roger L WWTP Operator I 29,660.80 Ballenger, Christina F Stormwater Collection Operator 29,640.00 Harrison, Katrisha M Communications Technician I 29,640.00 Nelson, Nichole J Communications Technician II 29,640.00 Tilson, Denice R Housing Specialist II 29,640.00 Baker, Routy D Water Distribution Operator 29,244.80 Ellis, Jeff W Stormwater Collection Operator I 29,120.00 Hawn, Daniel J WWTP Operator I 29,120.00 Johnson, Keith A Stormwater Collection Operator I 29,120.00 Jones, Xavier D Utilities Heavy Equipment Operator Apprentice 29,120.00 Kennedy Jr., Jack Police Records Clerk 29,120.00 Leroy, Jeffrey A Heavy Equipment Operator 29,120.00 Wallace, Jeremy J Heavy Equipment Operator I (Streets) 29,120.00 Waring, Harley F Utilities Heavy Equipment Operator Apprentice 29,120.00 Commons, Patrick C WTP Operator I 28,974.40 Eighmy, Jacquelyn C Customer Service Specialist 28,745.60 McBride, Ronald A WTP Operator I 28,662.40 Burk, Jessica F Water Service Representative I 28,558.40 James, Adam K Water Distribution Operator I 27,976.00 Peters, Ryan M Cemetery Caretaker 27,976.00 Randall, Brandon L Heavy Equipment Operator 27,976.00 Glor, Melissa D Municipal Court Clerk 27,788.80 Watson, Christina L Communications Technician I 27,539.20 King, Kaitlynn Communications Technician I 27,164.80 Frasher, Jess W Customer Service Specialist 26,000.00 Winder, Alexus K Police Records Clerk 26,000.00 Ziesenis, James A Custodian 25,937.60 Blair, Christina Y Reference Clerk 25,001.60 Skaggs, Elias M Airport Attendant I 24,960.00 Vickery, Adam L Farmers Market Manager 24,960.00 Zupan, Michael A Maintenance Worker III 24,960.00 Dutton, Janet L Library Assistant 24,523.20 Henderson, LeAnne N PT Customer Service Representative 24,440.00 Kidd, James A Recreation Leader 23,920.00 Doherty, Danny L Recreation Leader 22,880.00 Smith, Josie MT PT Customer Service Representative 22,880.00 Tompkins, Brent P Park Custodian 22,880.00 Schenker, Rachel Part Time Administrative Assistant I 21,840.00 Taylor, Megan N Library Assistant 21,840.00 Stover, Jesse A PT Parks Maintenance Worker II 20,945.60 Stover, Trevor J PT Parks Maintenance Worker II 20,945.60 Tindle, Kylee M PT Parks Maintenance Worker II 20,945.60 Conrad, Elizabeth L Instructor 20,800.00 Dickinson, Danielle L Instructor 20,800.00 Montanelli, Heather N Recreation Leader 20,800.00 Lassiter, Peggy Adult Services Assistant 19,760.00 Zibert, Toni M Youth Services Assistant 19,260.80 Beaman, Gabriel J PT Utilities Maintenance Worker 18,720.00 Brill, Jordan T Computer Lab Assistant 18,720.00 Campbell, Claire E Youth Services Assistant 18,720.00 Epler, Timothy Joseph Computer Lab Assistant 18,720.00 Girtz, Nikolas R Computer Lab Assistant 18,720.00 Luton, Donnie E Laborer 18,720.00 Mendez, Julio C PT Utilities Maintenance Worker I 18,720.00 Rose, Bryant E PT Parks Maintenance Worker I 18,720.00 Carpenter, Christian J Recreation Worker 17,430.40 Gomez, Nayeli L Recreation Worker 17,409.60 Childers, Angel-Lea D Recreation Worker 17,326.40 Cornelio, Alejandra E Recreation Worker 17,326.40 Cumiskey, Kersee L Clubhouse Worker 17,326.40 Jones, Brandy Cashier/Concessions Worker 17,326.40 Jones, Logan T Recreation Worker 17,326.40 Lee, Adam J Laborer 17,326.40 Leech, Kelsey A Cashier/Concessions Worker 17,326.40 Loy, Luke M Clubhouse Worker 17,326.40 Morsette, Michelle D Clubhouse Worker 17,326.40 Peters, Chevi R PT Parks Maintenance Worker II 17,326.40 Trout, Connor Cashier/Concessions Worker 17,326.40 Bumgardner, Mistic Recreation Worker 17,160.00 Crumpacker, Shi Shelver 17,160.00 Gilmore, Jennifer L Event Worker 17,160.00 Harries, Evan M Cashier/Concessions Worker 17,160.00 Thompson, Crystal L Event Worker 17,160.00 O'Dell, Dillon M Event Worker 15,080.00