To the Editor:

Though I'm well past the age of caring for school age children or even grandchildren I have a deep and abiding interest in the Pittsburg public school system.

My dad served on the Pittsburg school board in the late 1940s and was in a way instrumental in the building of a new elementary school in southeast Pittsburg — hence his name is attached to that school, but even though my interest in the public schools might be skewed because of that, my interest is nonetheless genuine and long term.

I don't pretend to fully comprehend the details of the facilities that will be built or modified by the bond election, but I have great faith in the backers of the proposal. I know many of these people and know them to be of dedicated interest to the community, not people with direct interest in the defeat of the issues.

I served on the USD 250 Board of Education for 12 years and have some appreciation for the balance that must be maintained between benefits and costs — it's a charge that all board members have and are executed in the best interest of the general population not necessarily the interest of rental property owners.

One looks at the history of Southeast Kansas over a period of time and one is struck with the productivity of Pittsburg compared with communities in our area. Much of that viability can be attributed to the care and well being of our public school system.

I'm voting for the USD bond issue and I urge others regardless of having school age children, simply because it's best for our town.


George E. Nettels Jr.