Dear Editor,

As the election on the school bond nears there are some misconceptions on what is involved. When I drive about town I see signs that say save the Middle School, the Middle School isn't going anywhere.

The old high school portion will be replaced by a modern up-to-date 5th and 6th grade attendance center. There are times when an old building has outlived its usefulness and can't be remodeled to meet present and future needs. The building of 5th and 6th grade center will free up much needed space in the elementary schools which are now overcrowded. There will be storm shelters built at every school, which none have at the present time. Hallways aren't storm shelters which was proved at Moore, Oklahoma. Some schools have safe rooms but no real storm shelter. At Lakeside a new modern kitchen will be built to replace an old out of date one. By the way the present one is the same as it was when I went to school there a long time ago. At Pittsburg High School which some people still refer to as the new high school. Major changes will be made including moving the main entrance closer to the parking lot which will improve security and make the building more accessible. A new fine arts wing will be built to house a growing fine arts program. Remodel kitchen and lunch area. Replace heating and air system and updating crowded hallways. Plus the storm shelter. Every school in the district will see improvements to bring them up-to-date for new technology.

This is just a short list of what is to be done. I am on a fixed income and don't like to pay increased taxes but I look at this as progress and investment in the future. Some people are hung up on the past and don't care about increased enrollment and the future education of our children.

Please vote YES for the future students of USD250.

Bob Torbett



Roll the dice

Dear Editor,

The palatial towers at Pittsburg Middle School are at risk, to be sure, but be consoled, people.

Certain to rise on every available lot, new casinos will brighten our lives with more slot machines and blackjack opportunities.

There are only a dozen or so within 30 minutes of town.

Money will flow like wine at Campground Dog Track before it folded for the second or third time.

The howling of Las Vegas hooters will add music to the celebration.

The icons of local identity may be demolished, but we can congratulate ourselves that schools and other public institutions are at last supported by gambling losses.

Taxes are a tacky way to pay for public services.

Let "losers" pay the fright.

Who needs local "identity" anyway?

Roll the dice!


Bill Sollner