To The Editor,

The requirements to graduate a Kansas high school have changed over the past 35 years.  Currently, students need three science credits as opposed to two credits in 1979. The Kansas Board of Regents raised their qualifications for a student to enter a Kansas Regents College (ex. Pittsburg State University).  Years ago, a Kansas high school graduate was automatically eligible to attend any university in Kansas.  This is no longer the case.  Chemistry and physics enrollment numbers have increased significantly due to Regents and Kansas Scholars Curriculum, this along with the increase in science credits, have caused the PHS science department to increase faculty from four to eight teachers. When the various state requirements came into effect, teachers were added and non-science rooms were acquired. Two unused business classrooms, one general classroom and one FACS classroom have been changed into make-shift science classrooms.

Unfortunately, four the science classrooms that have been added are less desirable due to lack of size and a lack of the amenities found in a traditional science classroom. The question comes to mind are our students meeting current STEM and College Career Readiness standards in outdated, constrained, and inadequate classrooms.

PHS science department teaches courses that are in demand by the students and to meet state requirements with limited space and dated infrastructure. This semester, eight instructors are teaching eleven different science courses with an enrollment of 784 students seen daily.

Please vote YES.

Mary Packard

Science Department Chairperson

Pittsburg High School


Congrats to Ron's

Dear editor,

Congratulations to Ron’s on their 40th. anniversary. That’s a very long time for a family owned grocery to survive in a world of corporate privilege where they bully their suppliers into doing whatever they want. Many of their suppliers are corporations who probably refuse to sell their products to the smaller businesses at competitive prices so they can make a buck. The average shopper flocks to the biggest in town because they are trying to save a buck. The big guys won’t be moving to China, but instead they bring China here and ultimately send our jobs to China and wherever labor is cheap. Their goal is undoubtedly to destroy any competition. They sell everything, but what I take out of my cat Dudley’s litter box every morning. I might get them to sell that if I could get him to produce more. He’d probably want a cut. When you know who comes to your area you can bet someone from the city will be right behind to make sure they are comfortable. You have probably noticed how much the sidewalks and traffic control at Rouse and Centennial has changed. You don’t and won’t see any improvements on Centennial to get into the parking lot at Ron’s. No, when you stick around 40 years the powers that be are looking out the window. When you try turning left to Ron’s traffic flying down Centennial is trying to push you right to your final resting place. Until that time, shop Ron’s.


Albert Newland