Re: School Bond Election

We are writing in protest of the mail-in School Bond Election.

This process is not only inefficient; it allows much room for error and missed ballots. While a General Election has expenses, it is for the most part volunteer man-hours. Therefore, ti would not bear the cost of mailing ballots, return mail, additional paperwork, paid man-hours to count votes and to verify signatures to eliminate fraudulent voting, (my signature changes each time I sing it), etc.

A General Election is also the norm and not as confusing as the mail in process seems to be. Many Pittsburg citizens believe they can mail in the ballot or go to their normal place of voting to vote. I this one block neighborhood, three voters have not received ballots. The Election Board in Girard has advised that all ballots were mailed out last week.

regardless of the belief for or against this issue, all voters have the right to vote and the mail in vote system has great potential for disregard of the voters’ right.

We believe the best solution is to forget the mail in process, take the hit on the money already wasted trying to implement it, and hold a General Election as has been the way of the past. We believe that would not only be more cost effective, but more importantly, would give all Pittsburg voters the ability to choose whether or not they wanted to vote.

Please reconsider this impossible mail in ballot process.


Maggie Sue Ryan

Carlos Kjellander



Invest in community

I am looking at the USD 250 bond election as an investment so I wanted to determine what kind of return I would get. The Morning Sun referred to a 2005 study from the University of Wisconsin in determining what businesses look at when relocating. I thought it would be simpler and perhaps more relevant to ask outlay are local Chamber of Commerce what were the top three issues discussed by businesses who contacted them. The response was, in no particular order; what the regulatory environment is like, what type access to health care and education is there in Pittsburg. this leads me to believe that my investment in the USD 250 bond will help attract business to the area. The business will be able to see that we, as a community, are supporting our public education system. with the investment at both Via Christi and the Community Health Center that can bee seen with their expansions we are obviously offering great access to health care. In discussion with different people involved in the city I believe they are creating a business friendly environment and inviting in the city’s infrastructure. The city of Pittsburg is growing and we need to invest in our public education system so we can provide the best opportunity for future. My husband is the superintendent and we are investing in our community. I hope you do also and vote Yes.


Joan L. Brown



Bond issue failure not end of world

The world will not come to an end if this bond issue does not pass. The sample ballot did not tell the whole story of what is to happen. What appears in the ballot mailing under the heading “Additional Information”? The word “demolition”. Seems like it was conveniently left out as to describing what the intent is for the buildings. The building is not as describe in a previous letter to the editor. The building is structurally sound and during the tour I did not observe and cracks, settling, etc. In the planned “guided tours” were areas of ignored maintenance (torn/ loose carpet, trash in the electrical room, paint cans on the stage area, etc.). If you have loose wallpaper in your home, or need of new kitchen cabinets, etc., you don’t demolish the house…you remodel.

It seems strange that at this time all of the kitchens (except Meadowlark) are in need of millions of dollars of repair. I mentioned many years ago, that the Board should look into a central kitchen similar to Olathe School District. We are serving lunches to Colgan/St. Mary’s, so why can’t we serve our own students through a central method?

This earlier statement in the Morning Sun “another part of the to do list involves getting captains at all schools to get parents and teachers registered to vote in December”. This appears to be one sided giving the impression of targeting just one segment of our community. Is the remainder of the community purposely being ignored to make sure the bond issue is passed?

Many of the items being proposed could have or should have been scheduled to completion without a bond issue. It was mentioned that the PHS HVAC problem could have been paid out the capital outlay fund. If this much money was/is available (est. $6-8 million), then why wasn’t done? Other proposed upgrades could be addressed through the same method.

Why do we need three auditoriums at PHS? Why do we need so many ‘extra’ gyms?

There are more wants listed in the bond issue rather than needs. I am not opposed to a bond issue..just this one. Go back to the drawing board and be realistic in your proposals. All tax increases on business owners will be passed on to the consumer..the taxpayer and property owner. Many insignificant increases become a significant increase.

Thank you,

John C. Martel