With National Travel & Tourism Week recently recognized May 1 – 7, it is a great time to think about Crawford County museums and their place in attracting visitors to our part of the state. It is also an appropriate time to give credit to those who have helped enhance and preserve the future of our museums. Many people enjoy sharing the history of our area, but few realize the many volunteer hours and financial support it takes to provide such an opportunity.

It is because of some very special leaders in Crawford County that museums have been encouraged and supported. In 2015, Crawford County Commissioners, The Honorable Tom Moody, Jeff Murphy, and Carl Wood were requested to work with museums in the county, and their response is important to share. A museum task force was formed with representatives from our local museums. B.J. Harris, Director of Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau headed that task force with Jeff Murphy representing the county commissioners.

Research, statistics, and goals became evident as the task force deliberated. Throughout the process, it was obvious that museums are very important to the county, not only in preserving and presenting our heritage, but to also be a vital partner in the educational and cultural life of Southeast Kansas, not to mention the economic benefits that museums bring.

It is with gratitude that I extend a special thanks to The Honorable Tom Moody, Jeff Murphy, Carl Wood, and CVB Director B.J. Harris. They gave their attention to a need and did not take it lightly. Instead, they assessed the significance of the request and provided leadership while wisely balancing all financial needs in such turbulent times. They had the foresight to build a legacy that future generations will be able to enjoy for many years to come!

With gratitude,

Linda Roberts

Miners Hall Museum