It’s interesting that someone who claims to be a teacher and a preacher would assert that man is an animal and just leave his statement there. Old time preachers claim that we’re just piles of manure covered over with a white snowfall. They make the assumption that we’re no damn good until they’ve “fixed” us. Using their magic it’s easy to move on to a belief that we’re pretty much just jackasses that have to be trained (by a math teacher) to count by pawing the ground with our hoof. Easy to move on to a belief that we “can’t help it” whether that means jumping every female in sight like a billy goat or robbing the First National Bank. My experience is that folks who hold these kinds of beliefs operate with the model of “shut up, get in line, fold your hands, look at the ground, and SHUT UP! It’s also interesting that the teacher-preacher who wrote this stuff makes fun of “The All-Knowing Creator” who was so stupid as to create two very childlike beings (He must have missed the part about made in God’s own image and likeness in Sunday School) in the garden and tell them not to eat from a certain tree.

I choose to believe that we are more than animals; that we do have free wills and are not obliged to act on impulse; that we can choose between right and wrong. Since we are created in God’s own image and adopted as brothers and sisters to God’s own Son, we are heirs with the Son to the Kingdom That Is, here and now. That there is a basic goodness in us. That we’re not waiting for pie in the sky in the sweet bye and bye. That as members of The Family, as Children of God (irrespective of who “fixed” us) that we are called to be about the work of The Family in bringing about The Kingdom of God, here and now. Yes, even though we have, at times, made a mess of that God gives us unlimited opportunities to get up and begin the work again. Yes, like children who are innocent, open to new ideas, full of excitement, and willing to try. However, those like the preacher-teacher would deny us that opportunity because “we’re animals.” They would have us sit in our mess and wait for God (or the preacher teacher who is smarter than God) to fix things. Yes, we are like animals because who we are is encased in a carcass like the animals. But who we are is not the carcass. Who we are is the spirit of God we have received and lives in us regardless of how we have responded to our adoption. Even the ugliest, most horrid human being that has ever lived carries within his carcass the Spirit of God who created him. Which is why we are asked to recognize God in every person we encounter. When we do that, we are doing what we need to do to help bring about The Kingdom That Is, Here and Now.


W.W. O'Bryan