Dear Editor:

Recently the Kansas Senate narrowly passed a Bill calling for the impeachment of Kansas Supreme Court Justices if they “attempt to usurp the power of the Legislature” or if they “attempt to subvert fundamental laws.”

Not content with their complete mismanagement of Kansas, political extremists in the Legislature now seek to dominate and intimidate state courts.

The Wichita newspaper recently stated that the Impeachment Bill would result in a “compromised court system responsive not to the rule of law or the needs of ordinary people but to the ideology of radical right legislators and their unaccountable backers.”

Jake LaTurner voted for this absurd piece of legislation.

All of us learned in high school government class that one of the fundamental duties of courts is to defend the Constitution and to determine the constitutionality of laws. But if Jake LaTurner gets his way, Kansas Supreme Court Justices would face impeachment simply for performing those duties. If this Bill eventually becomes law, it will be unprecedented in United States history.

This is a petty retaliation by extremist members of the Legislature for the Supreme Court’s recent decision finding school funding inadequate. Even though a last-second amendment made elected members of the Executive Branch also subject to the Bill, the Bill is clearly intended to target the Supreme Court.

The Governor and the far-right controlled Legislature will not tolerate any checks on their power, even if it means eliminating the doctrine of separation-of-powers established by the Founding Fathers. If the Bill becomes law, it will mean that Justices in Kansas will serve at the discretion of ultra conservatives in the Legislature.

It is time to take back our State by electing people to the Legislature who will actually represent us, rather than serve the Governor and a select few extremist and wealthy special interest groups.

Julie M. Menghini