I am sitting at Kansas City International Airport, getting ready to fly to Charlotte, North Carolina, then on to Barcelona, Spain.

It's hard to decide whether I'm more nervous about running with the flight or running with the bulls.

I spoke with a city official a couple weeks ago about running with the bulls and told him how you have to hit a bull l the head with a rolled up newspaper to really say you did experienced it.

The city official kind of talked me out of it, for the moment. I spoke with my mom's boyfriend, Rich, on the phone while touring around Kansas City with my girlfriend the day before I got on a plane.

Rich told me he fully intends to hit a bull over the head with a rolled up newspaper. Running with the bulls in Pamplona is a week-long event. Rich even plans to run multiple days if he doesn't succeed first go around.

Now, I am teetering about what I should do. I can confidently say Rich will do it or die trying. Seriously, this guy once cut his toe off with a pair of scissors instead of going to the hospital after slicing his toe.

I spoke with my dad on the phone and told him I was going to try and hit the bull based on my talk with Rich.

My dad told me it's not best to base your logic on someone who is as crazy as Rich.

Still have a few days to decide. If you don't see a byline from me for over a month, you can sum up how the run went.

Until next time,

Michael Anthony Stavola

— Michael Stavola is a staff writer with The Morning Sun. He can be emailed at mstavola@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @MichaelStavola1.