Dear MORNING SUN Editor,

She who really runs the household broke away from a bone chew, looked up thoughtfully, and woofed “I do hope you vote this year.”

Zoey, I said, of course I will vote, and it isn't lost on me you are a write-in!

“Dummy, that was your idea, not mine. Actually, why would I want to leave Kansas?”

So, not interested in politics? A lot of us around the 'hood thought you had some good ideas to get Washington out of the mess it is in,

“Ohh, I do care about Washington, but not for the White House. I told you that just to get a conversation started. Actually, I really want to be in Congress. I know I am an onery little bitch, so Capitol Hill is really where this terrier belongs. I even have a campaign slogan.”

What's that?

“Representation without taxation. I flip-flopped the comment about where we are today. Chopped off the 'is tyranny' part. All I would have to be paid are a few dog treats now and then, plus my food bowl kept full.”

Congress, hmmmmm. House or Senate ?

“Either one. Not much difference, except if I was in the House I would have to campaign on a three for one basis. Too much work for every two years. Why the political campaign never ends. Very few speak 'dog' so I wouldn't be much good on the phone bank the House operates.

“Are you registered to vote?”

Geee, I hope so. Been doing it for lots of years now. I saw in the MORNING SUN that advance voting begins October 19th, but I will go the regular election day. Its traditional. Sorry you really don't want to be President, Zoey, because you would be just as good as any of the candidates.'

“Well, if you are that set on voting for a write-in, I have a suggestion for you. Write in the name of the current governor.

"If he were to win a write-in, we would be rid of him two years sooner!”

Please vote.

Rick Fulton