We have just finished running with the bulls for the second day.

My family and I are leaving Pamplona, Spain, and heading to Barcelona. It was about a five hour drive.

We decided to stop at this old castle along the way, it was pretty sweet and in the middle of nowhere. It turns out it was given to the Knights Templar by a ruler in the area during the 800s (I think.)

We also decided to stop at a small town along the way and stay the night. It was Rich, my mom’s boyfriend, idea. This was the second time we stopped in a small town during our trip.

Rich thought it would be cool to see small town culture. So we pull into this little village. I had the name on my phone, but I deleted it by accident.

Anyway, the second we pull in you can tell people know someone new is in town. We kind of drove through these small streets looking for a place to eat. The person we were renting a room from would not be there for another hour.

Of course, my family wants to waste time at the local bar. So, we go and sit at the only place that seems to have life. One of the woman, I forget her name too, speaks pretty good English and is especially interested in why we stopped there.

She said the town was about 600 people and everyone worked at the local vineyard. After a few drinks and taking a couple pictures together, we ask if she would like to have dinner with us.

They knew the person we were waiting on for a room and drove us to his mom’s house to see if he was there. He was.

We put our stuff in this beautiful condo. I remember the amazing view overlooking the vineyard with windmills in the background.

Dinner was quite interesting. My mom had a few too many and at this point had no reservations. We ate dinner with the English speaking woman and her boyfriend, who was not so English speaking. In fact, he couldn’t say a word in English.

It got quite awkward when my mom asked the woman if they had sex. At least she knew my mom was inebriated. I learned some pretty cool things by talking to her.

For example, people in Spain work every day of the week. The weekend is no different. But, she said they have tons of holidays we don’t have, including days off in recognition of saints. She said they just had one earlier that week.

Dinner was over and I decided to walk back while everyone else kept the party going. Besides, I wanted to video chat with my beautiful girlfriend. At this point, I missed her and American food more than I would have guessed.

It was funny that I was walking to the room at a pretty late hour and all these kids were walking around. I could tell it was a place where people were not concerned about crime.

We were getting ready to head to Barcelona the next day. The last stop on the trip.

Until next time,

Michael Anrthony Stavola

— Michael Stavola is a staff writer at The Morning Sun. He can be emailed at mstavola@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @MichaelStavola1.