Last night was the first of two candidate forums sponsored by the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce, and with the election just three weeks away we feel it is important to urge people to vote — particularly in the local races.

Every election seems to be touted as “The Most Consequential Election Of Our Times” these days, and the world largely continues spinning whomever wins. This year there is perhaps some validity to the trope, but again, the world will largely continue on much as it has, regardless of the winner.

We take no position in the presidential race — frankly we are not sanguine about either candidate — and likely will take none in the local races. It is not our job to tell our readers how to vote, but merely to present them with the facts and allow them to make their own decision.

We do, however, urge you to vote. Nationally, on average,less than 60 percent of eligible voters turnout for presidential elections. Less than 40 percent for congressional races on off years.

This is deplorable, in our view.

Voting is a sacred right, and no vote is wasted — if the voter follow his conscience.

Moreover, while we concede the national races are important, the local races — county clerk, register of deeds, etc. — are far more likely to have a direct impact on our lives than the fight over who will be resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in January.

Our government is supposed to be “Of the People, by the People and for the People,” it cannot be any of those things if the People are too apathetic (and with the selection available at the national level it is somewhat understandable) to get out and vote.

Our government will not remain “Of the People, by the People and for the People,” if we do not keep it so.

So we ask you, come out to the next forum on Oct. 27. Hear what the candidates for the state legislature have to say. Educate yourselves on both local and national issues and candidates.

Then make a decision, and vote.