I choose to vote for candidates that balance fiscal responsibility with empathy for their fellow human beings. Senator Jake LaTurner has been bo​a​sting about his support of Kansas Welfare reform, "a hand up not a hand out". While he has been promoting this issue as a reason for his re-election, 22,000 more Kansas children​ now live in poverty(from 2007-2016). What about a "helping hand", Senator. A family moving from assistance to a minimum wage job will find the eighth highest sales tax in the nation (TaxFoundation.org) voted in by Senator LaTurner. His support of Governor Brownback's failed tax policy​, by not voting to close the loopholes, ​will find that family without the childcare assistance program that was eliminated to secure revenue. A new mother will find increased work requirements to the point of insanity - a teen mother required to volunteer 40 hours a week in the summer to keep her childcare spot for the school year. The safety net programs established to give a helping hand to families working hard to move out of poverty have been eroded ​by policies supported by Senator LaTurner. While he touts that he stands up to his party, he embraces the desperate attempt to find revenue at the expense of our children and families. A vote for Lynn Grant will bring compassion back to our State’s policies.

Dawn McNay


 Knaup letter misleading

Dear Editor,

A recent letter from Dan Knaup on the judicial retention issue contained many false and misleading statements. He claims that Kansas is the only state that uses a nonpartisan merit-selection method of choosing judges. This is categorically incorrect as 35 states use the Kansas method or some form of it.

Mr. Knaup further criticized the Supreme court for reversing the Carr brothers death sentence, yet he neglected to mention that their convictions of Capital Murder were approved. The case was sent back for another hearing to determine if they would be resentenced to death. The death penalty was never off the table and the Carrs were never released, nor will they ever be. The District Attorney who successfully prosecuted the Carr case, Nola Foulston, opposes this attempt to oust the Justices. She recently stated that this is "all part of Bronwback's scheme to take over the Supreme Court."

Mr. Knaup also falsely claimed that the Kansas court is reversed too often by the U.S. Supreme Court. This is incorrect, historically the Kansa sCourt is reversed only .38 percent of the time.

Nor is he correct that the Kansas Court favors abortion. He neglected to add that abortion is federal law and because the Supremacy clause in the U.S. Constitution makes federal law supreme, all state court judges must follow it whether they like it or not.

All of this is false rhetoric is just part of the Governor's attempt to take control of the Supreme Court and end checks and balances in Kansas.

Kathleen Cerne