Dear Editor: We have a combined 74 years as practicing lawyers or judges in Kansas. One retired as a district court judge, the other as a city attorney. One is a registered Republican, the other a Democrat. Even though each of us has been retired for over 13 years, we remain interested in the political scene and the State of Kansas’ judiciary. We are very concerned about the misinformation being spread by various organizations as well as a recent guest columnist published in the Morning Sun. To set the record straight: 1. The Kansas Supreme Court and judges in all states are — due to the supremacy clause in the United States Constitution — required to follow the rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court, whether the issue be abortion rights, the rights of individuals he same sex to marry, or to review the imposition of the death penalty in certain instances; 2. An amendment to the Kansas Constitution approved by Kansas voters in 958, formulated the court selection method of choosing Kansas Supreme Justices, generally known as the “Missouri Plan;” This plan, or some form of it, is used by approximately 35 states. The intent has been and is to eliminated as much aspkossible political partisanship from the process. In short, Kansas is far from using selection process, “that no other state uses;” 3. The State of Kansas is not the only state where courts reverse death penalty cases frequently. Between 65 to 70 percent are reversed on appeal in the country. 4. Kansas is not the only state where appellate courts have had to step in and enforce their respective constitutions, requiring state legislatures and governors to provide adequate funds to assure a fair and equitable public education for all school children. So what’s the problem? The problem is Governor Brownback is not satisfied with controlling both the executive and legislative branches — including Senator Jake LaTurner and Representative Chuck Smith who walk arm in arm with him — he wants total control. He wants to destroy the concepts of separation of power and an impartial judiciary. He does not want a Supreme Court that challenges him to follow the Kansas constitutional mandate to provide a suitable education for all Kansas school children. What happens if the current appellate justice and judges are not retained? Governor Brownback gets to appoint all the replacements. None of these individuals have done anything to justify their removal. Vote yes to send a message to out of state PACs and wealthy individuals such as the gentleman from the St. Louis, Missouri, area that Kansans want to retain an impartial judiciary. Vote yes to stop Governor Brownback’s latest power grab. Vote yes to retain the Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges all of whom are supported by former Republican governors Mike Hayden and Bill Graves and Democrat Governors John Carlin and Kathleen Sibelius. Vote yes to reject slick advertisements and propaganda that distort the truth and try to turn the concepts of fairness and impartiality into dirty words. Thank you. Respectfully submitted, C.A. Menghini Pittsburg Nelson E. Toburen Pittsburg — Editor’s note: This is the last letter on the retention matter we will accept. We feel that all the issues have been aired on both sides and further discussion would be redundant at this point.