Those of you who read my posts or know me, know that I try to steer completely away from writing anything political or voicing my opinion on my political beliefs (it tends to alienate friends and make enemies) and let’s face it, the written word can sometimes be mis-construed and take on a different meaning than intended.

Those of you who know me also know that Lynn Grant is family, but if I didn’t feel strongly about Lynn representing us in Topeka, I would continue to love her and be blessed that we share grandchildren and go on my merry way.

With those 2 statements made, I want this post to serve as my endorsement for Lynn Grant for the 13th district Kansas Senate seat. I have been in education my entire career (for close to 40 years) and I firmly believe that Lynn will be our voice for education and children throughout the 13th district. I believe that she will listen to all of our needs and carry that message to Topeka.

As we approach Election Day, let’s remember John F. Kennedy’s quote: "Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future."

Denise Grasso


Vote Grant

Dear Editor,

Political campaign cards sometimes tell you much about the candidate. I received one card from Lynn Grant, two cards from Monica Murnan, two from Coach Smith, including one with a great picture of his extended family, and five cards from Jake LaTurner, the Republican candidate for Kansas State Senator. It is LaTurner about whom I wish to comment.

LaTurner's cards were different. For the most part they were attacks upon his opponent. When he pictured himself, he made sure he looked good, in a brown shirt, which made him look like a soldier or a U.S. Marine. As a Korean War veteran, I know what a U.S. Marine looks like.

Nevertheless, when LaTurner pictured his opponent, Lynn Grant, he deliberately made her look bad: One card had "ADULT" highlighted in red neon and included a glass of beer. In another, he accused her of being a liar with a nose growing like Pinocchio's.

Furthermore, it is ludicrous for anyone to insinuate LaTurner is the only one in Southeast Kansas who supports Highway 69 completion, etc., or stands up to the Republican Chamber of Commerce Religion Right Party and its governor.

Gene Garman