Qualified school administrators must be in very short supply if Pittsburg’s USD 250 felt it needed to employ an individual with questionable educational qualifications as well as a lack of current experience in the United States.

The Morning Sun article in relation to this matter indicated that Superintended Brown felt the applicant’s educational qualifications were acceptable but that the new principal would have to take a few classes in order to be certified in Kansas. Perhaps the new principal will need to take a few classes in order to determine what is really going on in Kansas education since she has been working in Dubai, UAE for the last 20 years. One should really question this person’s qualifications and experience.

I tried to Google Corlins University and seem to find that it is an imaginary university with no physical address. I was employed as an adjunct professor for California National University for 10 years after I retired from PSU. CNU is a virtual university, it does not have classrooms but it has administrators, counselors, etc. and it has a physical address where one can send regular mail. However all the instruction is online. I had students from around the globe, including the UAE.

I agree with Bob Torbett in his letter to the editor published March 24. Where are our school board members? It has been said that; “about all one can be sure of school board members is that they were able to be elected.” Surely Pittsburg can do better.

Frank M. Slapar, Ph. D.