It is a new year and time to dream big positive dreams. Here is mine:

IF I RAN THE WORLD — Our main guiding principle would be to provide the greatest good to everyone. Humans have been on earth long enough that we have quite a body of evidence about what works best. I would have us examine that evidence without prejudice and without clinging to tired outdated labels or belief systems, and put in place the best practices humans have found. Reason tells us that in a country as rich as ours no one should be hungry or homeless. What is going wrong? We know some countries are faring better than we are — performing better at protecting their environment and providing a better life to their citizens. We need to face the truth: We have big problems in this country. Right now we are known for incarcerating the most people and owning the most guns. We rank last of developed countries in healthcare results, while spending by far the most money. Meanwhile our current government is daily making things worse. This week I read that because of some of Trump's actions, several European countries no longer recognize us as a world leader. I hope we can turn that around.

I was recently at Crystal Bridges in Bentonville Arkansas, a world class American art museum I highly recommend you visit, and was struck by the Buckminster Fuller exhibit. Bucky Fuller was famous for designing the geodesic dome and being a futuristic leader in the 20th century. What struck me was how he talked about gravity being a metaphor for love. It is the attraction of all matter (energy) that holds everything in the universe in place. Gravitational attraction (Love in this metaphor) makes the universe work. It isn't money, or success, it is love. This is what we are lacking. For optimal efficiency in harmony with the universe, we should be operating on the power of love. The American dream should be about love, not wealth. The strange thing is everything turns out better that way. Production improves when a business is run with love. Every job is important and workers who are valued perform better. There are many ways to value our workers, such as on site daycare and other perks, or just paying better. Some businesses work on a ratio model — the CEO never earns more than some multiple of what the janitor earns — say 10-1, for example. The ratio can be adjusted to the ideal number for each company. As the business grows, everyone's profits grow. It is not the best operating model for a few people at the top to earn outrageous wages based on the suffering of slave labor below them. History has shown us this eventually leads to revolution.

Careful planning must be done for the future work force. As production jobs decline they need to be replaced by other work. New positions in serving the aging population is one possibility. Infrastructure jobs are also sorely needed.

If we start from a place of welcoming with love each child that is born, making sure it has sufficient nutrition, education and help in finding a fulfilling place in society, our whole system will thrive.

When we are on our deathbed we realize what was important in life, and it is always the love we gave and received. Love, like gravity, makes the world go round. We could become the most loving country on earth. That is my American dream.

— Joy Leeper