In 2014, when Sam Brownback was attempting to be elected to his second term as the governor of Kansas, one thing sticks out in my memory. At that time, many, many Republican politicians and Republican donors came out and publicly stated they were not going to be supportive of Brownback's re-election. They were publicly stating they did not think the Brownback administration was leading Kansas in the right direction.

Of course, despite the efforts of these folks, Brownback won re-election and continued to lead the state in the wrong direction and ended up nearly bankrupting the state. Before he left the state for a federal job, he was one of the most unpopular governors the state of Kansas has ever had.

I see a similar situation now on the national level. President Trump is seeking re-election, and yet many, many Republican politicians and donors are urging he not be re-elected. He has proved to be a very unpopular, decisive figure. Many folks are tired of his constant lying and misleading statements as well as unpopular policy directions.

I am wondering if the good folks of Kansas will make the same mistake with Trump that they did with Brownback and re-elect a politician that many in his own party find so distasteful and likely to be a further disaster in his second term.

R. Kent Anderson, Concordia