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Paradise on Tap: Aruba's Delicious Drinking Water

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(BPT) - You might know Aruba for its award-winning beaches and turquoise waters, but most travelers don’t know they can drink the island’s water straight from the tap. Aruba’s drinking water is made from Caribbean Sea turned tap as it goes through an extensive water treatment process to create Paradise on Tap — so good it received the highest stamp of approval from Certified Water Sommelier Martin Riese.

Riese teamed up with the Aruba Tourism Authority to showcase Paradise on Tap, featuring limited-time bespoke travel experiences. See what he has to say about taking a sip of paradise (on tap)!

Like Riese, before you step foot on the island, be sure to take the Aruba Promise pledge to act as an eco-conscious visitor. The first step? Bring your reusable bottle and refill it with Paradise on Tap — a simple way to respect the island’s natural beauty!

For more information on Paradise on Tap and the Aruba Promise, visit https://www.aruba.com/paradiseontap and follow along on social using the #ParadiseOnTap hashtag.