PITTSBURG — With eight teams gunning for first place in the Pittsburg High School volleyball tournament on Saturday, it was the Carthage Tigers who came out on top, while the Purple Dragons finished in fifth and the Frontenac Raiders placed seventh.


Pittsburg recorded four wins and one loss en route to finishing fifth overall, defeating Frontenac (2-0), Leavenworth (2-1), Baxter Springs (2-0) and Nevada (2-0).

“We had a rough game against Paola,” PHS head coach Megan Mantooth said. “That loss cost us a spot in the championship bracket. There are still little things we need to work on, but we are young we have several sophomores who are learning really fast. They’re getting better each tournament.”


It was a rough outing overall for the Raiders, as they recorded four losses and one win over Baxter Springs 2-1.

Frontenac took the opening set 25-20 against the Lions before losing set two 26-24, but won the match by taking the deciding third set 25-19.

“It was an up-and-down day for us,” FHS head coach Cassie Rheums said. “We struggled with the same issues we have been all season long. We did a few more positive things in the final two matches, so we’ll take the confidence from that into practice next week and play with more intensity next time out.”