PITTSBURG — Warmer temperatures throughout the local area often means more time by the waters edge for residents.


However, according to the National Safety Council's website on average 9 people a day die in drowning accidents in the United States.


While young children are often thought of as the largest risk for drowning according to the NSC other age groups can fall victim as well.


The site states “While drowning is more common for children 5 and younger, it's the second leading cause of death for people age 5-24.”


A number that, Cherie Sage, of Safe Kids Kansas, said can be reduced by following a few safety rules.


“You must watch kids when they are in or around water at all times, without being distracted,” Sage said. “Drowning happens quickly and silently, not like in the movies, so constant supervision is key.”


Some drowning preventives are simple, like having a specific person appointed to watch over children in the water, and to keep young children within arms reach. Other suggestions though might not come to mind so easily, but are just as important.


According to a release provided by Sage, pool owners should check their pumps.


“Make sure your pools and spas have anti-entrapment drain covers and an automatic pump shut-off system,” the release said.


Installing proper fencing around a pool or hottub, as well as emptying any outdoor children’s pools are additional ways to keep children from trouble.


She also suggests keeping coast guard approved life jackets for everyone on board a boat, and that children under the age of 12 are required by law to wear one at all times.


While she acknowledges prevention is key she also encourages everyone to learn what to do in an emergency.


“Learning CPR and water rescue skills may help you save a child’s life.” said Sage.