The crowd erupted in applause as Logan Myers scored a home run for Frontenac — the first and only one in Frontenac’s game tonight against Wellington.

“When I hit [the ball], I just started running, and kept running,” Myers said. “It felt good because we get to play again tomorrow.”

Frontenac’s 11-0 victory takes them one step closer to getting past pool play, and winning their fight for the 2018 Kansas Babe Ruth 14-year-old State Tournament title.

“I might not act like it, but I’m always proud of them,” said Mike McCartney, Frontenac’s team manager. “We’re going to try to keep doing the same thing that we’re doing [because] it seems to be working.”

Frontenac’s players kicked off their winning streak in tonight’s game during the second inning, with Kooper Campiti up to pitch.

Campiti, who had two strikes on the board, pitched a ball that gave Lane Franklin just enough time to belt an RBI, and score a point for Frontenac.

From there, Frontenac’s stream of RBIs got their lead up to eight, before Myers stunned the crowd with the night’s first home run.

Meanwhile, Wellington gave up their offensive position within 15 minutes of the start of the game, and got outed by Frontenac.

“We started off rough,” Blake Mccreary said. “They went out and hit the ball better than we did and played better as a team. [I’m upset], but I’ll come back next year and try again.”

Wellington is out of the tournament, but Frontenac will try to repeat tonight’s win in their next game tomorrow.