PITTSBURG — Pittsburg middle-schooler Cooper Hayden is well on his way to prep stardom.

Over the past six seasons, Hayden has help lead the Pittsburg Bombers to a 124-43 overall record and the 2017 Class AA State Championship

The Bombers finished 2017 ranked #1 overall in Kansas and #7 overall in the Country.

As he is set to begin his prep career, Hayden first turns his attention to Viera, Florida, where he will compete against some of the best prep players in the nation at the Space Coast Stadium.

Hayden, who was selected as a USSSA All-American, will represent the Central Division as one of the top 25 players in the region.

“It was a awesome feeling to be named to the All-American team,” said Hayden. “I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity.”

Hayden points to leadership tools and his overall growth as a person as some of the main skills he has learned this year.

“Over the summer I’ve learned to stay humble and to help motivate my teammates when things aren’t going well.” said Hayden.

Hayden earned the opportunity to play in Viera at a tryout in Kansas City. Now, he is looking forward to his time in Florida.

“There is definitely some nerves in going to play baseball somewhere where I’ve never been, but I’m really excited for this opportunity.” added Hayden.

Hayden’s main goal after high school is to become D-1 athlete.