FRONTENAC — According to the Alzheimer Association 5.7 million Americans suffer from alzheimer's and it is estimated the number could jump to 14 million by 2050. However, one local senior living community is trying to help change that.

Oakview Estates in Frontenac is joining people from across the country to raise money for the Alzheimer's Walk, and is doing so in a way sure to please hungry appetites.

According to Oakview Facility Director Desiree Humble they are raising money by hosting breakfast events in their new Resident Clubhouse for three Saturdays leading up to the walk.

“I have an amazing staff, one of which is our dietary manager, Julie Murray,” Humble said. “She came up with the idea to have a breakfast fundraiser, and (did) a lot of work to get it set up.”

The first event took place on August 11 where they were able to raise nearly $500. Humble said she was pleased by the generosity of the people who attended, as the breakfasts are a freewill donation.

The breakfasts are more than just an opportunity to raise funds for a good cause. Humble said that the staff and the residents really enjoy the events, and happily pitch into help.

“One of our residents, Helen Cherry, was just a joy during the last breakfast,” Humble said. “It’s so fun to see a new side of her as she served coffee and greeted people.

“She was obviously in her element helping with the food and really loved doing it.”

Residents and staff also sold raffle tickets for a handmade fall wreath that staff member Kim Pitts created. Pitts will be creating more items for future breakfasts as well.

The next fundraising breakfast will be held Saturday, with the final breakfast on Sept. 8. Both breakfast events begin at 7 a.m. and run until 10:30 a.m. or until they run out of food. The menu for Saturday will be biscuits and gravy with Pallucca’s sausage.

Humble said the goal for the events is to raise $1,500. Oakview Estates is located at 316 Wickware Drive in Frontenac. The Pittsburg branch of the Alzheimer's Walk will be September 15th at Pittsburg State University.