Law enforcement offers cold weather travel safety tips

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PITTSBURG, Kan. — As severe cold weather continues, law enforcement agencies serving the local area are offering tips on how to stay safe. 

“If you have to be out today, please drive with caution,” the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook on Wednesday. “We have had several slide offs this morning. Please be safe and buckle up.” 

The Kansas Highway Patrol, meanwhile, reminded drivers this week that its Motorist Assist program is available by dialing *47. The Motorist Assist program has reportedly been extending its hours amid the recent cold weather to be available to drivers whose vehicles have broken down by the roadside 24 hours a day. 

The Pittsburg Police Department, for its part, highlighted not only road safety precautions, but measures residents should take to prevent from becoming victims of crime as they prepare to go out in the cold weather. 

“We have gotten a good amount of snow during the overnight hours, city crews have been out working but please take your time if you have to get out. The roads are slick!” the department said in a Facebook post Wednesday. “Also please remember to not leave your vehicle unattended and running to warm up. It’s like inviting someone to take your vehicle.”