SEK Humane Society to distribute free pet food

Special to the Morning Sun /
A free pet food program may be a new development in Southeast Kansas but such programs are not unheard of. A volunteer, shown here, opens a case of dog food during an SPCA giveaway last month in California.

PITTSBURG, Kan. — The Southeast Kansas Humane Society has been able to acquire 25 pallets, 38,000 pounds, of pet food and supplies, according to Director Jasmine Kyle.

The supplies will be used to create a free pet food program for all the residents in Crawford County that are in need of pet assistance due to COVID-19. This large scale food donation was made possible with the help of the United States Humane Society, Chewy, and the Crawford County commissioners.

The SEK Humane Society also thanks WATCO for allowing their organization to store the food at their warehouse for this program.

The SEK Humane Society believes with the amount of food and supplies they have acquired, they should be able to provide months of help to the community and it’s animals.

The program will occur once a week beginning on Tuesday, March 2 from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the SEK Humane Society, 485 E 560th Ave, Pittsburg.