Local karate school competes in international virtual tournament

Special to the Morning Sun / news@morningsun.net
Back Row (left to right): Tricia Myers, Nancey Konek, Ethan Brokob, Rosemary Stapleton, Seema Latchman, Rick Brentson. Front Row (left to right): Wyatt Brokob, Rose Maiseroulle, Treysan Maiseroulle, Pyper Lough. Not Pictured: Jessica Young, Gavyn Young.

PITTSBURG, Kan. — Members of the Japan Karate-do Genbu-Kai Pittsburg, Kansas dojo recently participated in the 2021 Shito-Ryu Karate-do Genbu-Kai International Goodwill Championships Virtual Karate Tournament held on Sunday, Feb. 21, 2021. Competitors from throughout the world were judged on their performances submitted via video. Events included kata, team kata, batto (sword) kata, and kobudo (weapons) kata.

Pittsburg participants and results are:

Gavyn Young

7th 8 & Under Boys/Girls Beginner Kata

Treysan Maiseroulle

2nd 8 & Under Boys/Girls Intermediate/Advanced Kata

Wyatt Brokob

3rd 12 yr old Boys Intermediate/Advanced Kata

Pyper Lough

1st 13-17 Novice Toyama Ryu Kata

1st 13 & Under Advanced Kobudo Long Weapons

2nd 13-17 Novice Kome Kata

2nd 13 & Under Advanced Kobudo Short Weapons

3rd 12-14 Girls Intermediate/Advanced Kata

Rosemary Stapleton

1st 13-17 Novice Kome Kata

2nd 13-17 Toyama Ryu Kata

3rd 14-17 Advanced Kobudo Long Weapons Kata

3rd 14-17 Advanced Kobudo Short Weapons Kata

3rd 15-17 Girls Intermediate/Advanced Kata

Rose Maiseroulle

7th 9-11 Boys/Girls Intermediate/Advanced Kata

Ethan Brokob

1st 14-17 Boys/Girls Beginner Kata

Jessica Young

2nd 36-55 Men/Women Novice Kata

Tricia Myers

3rd Adult Team Kata

Seema Latchman

3rd 36-55 Men/ Intermediate Kata

3rd Adult Team Kata

Rick Brentson

3rd Adult Team Kata

Nancey Konek

3rd Over 56 Women/Intermediate Advanced Kata