Youtuber gives old Arcadia firetruck a new home, pledges donation to fire department

Jordan Meier
Morning Sun
Arcadia's old Engine 1 firetruck

Arcadia, Kan. — The Arcadia Volunteer Fire Department recently retired one of their firetrucks and now it has a surprising new home.  

The truck, a 1977 Mack CF-600, served the department for over 20 years, according to a Facebook post on the Arcadia Volunteer Fire Department page.   

“It is being replaced with something newer, and with the lack of room it must go,” the post said.  

The department asked for $3,000 or best offer on the truck, and that’s just what they got when John Ross strolled through the door.  

“No questions asked,” he said in a YouTube video about the purchase, “I’m on my way with cash.”  

Ross is a YouTuber who runs the channel Watch JRGo, which has over 290,000 subscribers and features videos of him fixing up old vehicles, now including a firetruck.  

The truck does have a few issues including minor air leaks, but nothing that cannot be repaired, the Arcadia Fire Department said in a Facebook post. 

“The truck will run and drive with no problems,” the Facebook listing of the truck said. “However, it is not in the shape to go on long treks.”  

Ross was ecstatic to get his hands on the truck in such good shape, for such a great price.  

“They’ve taken great care of it,” he said.  

He even said he kind of felt bad for only paying $3,000 given that new firetrucks go for about half a million dollars. Due to the cheap price of the truck, Ross has pledged to give an additional $1,000 to the fire department for every 100,000 likes his video about the truck gets. The video did not yet have 100,000 likes as of Wednesday, but the Arcadia Fire Department was optimistic it could get there. 

“Looks like our old Engine 1 is going to be famous!” The Arcadia Fire Department posted on Facebook. “For every 100k likes, this video receives they are going to donate an additional $1,000 to our department! So please go watch, like and share with your friends! We hope Big Red enjoys the new home and can't wait to see what they do with it!”  

People in Arcadia have been rallying behind the pledge, sharing the video on Facebook and urging their friends and family to like and share.  

“Our department could really use it,” said Chantel Deaton, a volunteer Firefighter in Arcadia, in a Facebook post. “Thank you and god bless.”  

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