USD 250 Foundation announces scholarship recipients

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Pittsburg High School senior Elanor Hendrickson wants to become a special education teacher, but as a trained athlete she knows the importance of setting small goals to make the end goal achievable. First: start college.

Helping her get there will be four senior scholarships funded by individuals and groups and awarded by the USD 250 Foundation.

She is one of 56 students who will receive $60,000 in college, community college, and technical school scholarships thanks to the generosity of donors; she will use hers to attend Pittsburg State University this fall.

“I feel honored, proud, and thankful,” said Henrickson, who was awarded the Coach Bill Hanson Memorial Scholarship for her leadership on the basketball team; the Class of 1974 Scholarship for her grades and community service; the Dragon Mentor Scholarship for her leadership in the volunteer program; and the Babs and Susie Tims Scholarship for her scholastic achievements and her desire to pursue elementary education as a career.

Since 2009, the Foundation has been awarding such scholarships in a ceremony following a dinner and fundraiser; last year as the pandemic began, plans for an in-person event were scrapped and the seniors instead were recognized individually on the Foundation’s social media accounts. That method of recognition will be used again this year, said Laura Sullivan, chair of the scholarship advisory committee.

“We are very proud of our PHS students and look forward to their wonderful achievements and bright futures,” Sullivan said.

Scholarships were awarded based on an application process. Criteria included academic record, extracurricular activities, leadership, community service, and personal essays. 

Recipients include:

USD 250 Foundation Medallion

($1,000): Emma Annan-Noonoo, Kassi Burns, Lilly Cawyer, Bailee Edson, Emma Fischer, Audrey Goode, Emma Lawson, Chanu Lee, Joseph Lee, Emily McGown, Jessica Neef, Josh Ortolani, Kole Perez, Christopher Saman, Rebekah Sheward, Jared Spiers, Adam Worsley, and Caleb Worsley

USD 250 Foundation Medallion

($750): Andrea Bandy, Franchesca BrownHanney, Hannah Burns, Jake Conrad, Noemi Hernandez, Ethan Light, Elliott Norman, Ethan McConnell, Matt Moore, Sarai Perez

USD 250 Foundation Technical Scholarship

($500): Kyle Wescott

Class of 1943

($1,000): Tristan Perrin, Keith Perkins

Class of 1956

($500): Jake Conrad

Class of 1967

($500): Rebecca Jones

Class of 1968

($500): Emily Wachter

Class of 1974

($500): Elanor Hendrickson, Madeline Shawn

Babs and Susie Tims Scholarship

($500): Elanor Hendrickson

Elliott Family Scholarship

($500): Denis Gomez, Hannah Vanderpool

Dragon Mentor

($500): Elanor Hendrickson, Delmy Anai Noches, Sarai Perez

Friends of the Performing Arts Technical Theatre

Scholarship ($250): Rebekah Sheward

Friends of the Performing Arts Scholarship

($250): Emma Fischer

Marilyn F. Noble Education Scholarship

($500): Kassi Burns

Pepsi Cola of Pittsburg Scholarship

($500): Hannah Holloman, Raysia Williams

Susan Laushman Vocal Music Scholarship

($500): Ethan McConnell

Student Publications Leadership Scholarships

($250): Mercedes Angeles, Elle Burgess, Noemi Hernandez, Joseph Lee, Keith Perkins, Lane Phifer

Timmons Scholarship

($500): Dallas Cox, Caitlyn Jo Antoni, Hayden Stevens, Ana Paula, Mostacero Lopez

Fine Arts Summer Scholarship

($250): Jessica Neef

Altricia Misse Memorial Scholarship

($500): Evie Allison

Brandon Leroy Smith Leadership Awards

($250): William Blake Harrison, Emma Lawson, Matt Moore

Coach Bill Hanson Memorial Scholarship

($250): Elanor Hendrickson, Jaya Minniefield, Natalie Talent

Derek Brumbaugh Memorial Scholarship

($500): Lane Phifer

Dick Webb Memorial Scholarship

($500): Mercedes Angeles, Ethan Light, Jaya Minniefield, Josh Ortolani, Lane Phifer, Natalie Talent, I’sis Thomas, Kyle Wescott

Joan E.Lewis Memorial Scholarship

($500): Emily McGown

Megan Mallatt Leadership Scholarship

($500): Emma Lawson

Messenger Family Education Scholarship

($600): Kassi Burns

Roy Davis Scholarship $1,000 4-year renewable:

Daniel Jackson ($1,000), William Blake Harrison ($1,000), Sophia Shope ($1,000 Year 2), Marissa Vail ($1,000 Year 2), Tyler Roark   ($1,000 Year 3), Alexis Pichler ($1,000 Year 4)

Wayne B. Yarcho Memorial Scholarship

($1,000): Sarah Stebbins

William Clinton McQuade Scholarship

($500): Sydney Hadaegh

Jake Steven Fincher Memorial Art Scholarship

($1,000): Evan Harries

Faye Smith Memorial Scholarship

($500): Emma Annan-Noonoo

Matthew Newbery Memorial Scholarship

($3,220): Noemi Hernandez

Greg Shaw Memorial Scholarship

($750): Emma Anna-Noonoo, Christopher Saman

Teacher Grants

In addition to senior scholarships, the USD 250 Foundation also awards teacher grants each year. This year, 16 grants were awarded for a total of $14,468 at the elementary, middle, and high school level. Those grants will fund special projects that directly impact students. Learn more about the Foundation and becoming a donor at