Five things to know from this week’s Frontenac City Council meeting

Staff Reports /
  1. Councilmember Mike Snow was not at the meeting. Councilmember LaDonna Pyle asked for a correction to the previous meeting’s minutes, which the council then approved. No one spoke during citizens’ comments. 
  2. The council approved Police Chief Cody Milligan’s recommendation to give police employee Nick Zafuta a $1 raise to $15.42 per hour. Zafuta is close to completing additional certifications and has been “doing an excellent job,” Milligan said. 
  3. The council approved a resolution to include a sales tax election question on the November ballot. Voters will be asked to renew the city’s current 0.25 percent sales tax that is set to expire June 30 of next year, and which is designated for paying for street maintenance. “It’s still the same quarter percent,” City Administrator John Zafuta said. “It’s still going to be for street repairs and maintenance. On the ballot it’s actually going to look like it’s a new tax.”  
  4. Following a scheduled 15-minute executive session to discuss attorney-client privilege matters related to city code, the council voted to extend their executive session discussion for an additional 15-minutes. Once the second executive session was done the council voted to table their scheduled discussion of the city’s Charter Ordinance 5. 
  5. Under councilmembers’ comments at the end of the meeting, Pyle said the Friends of Frontenac could use some direction about its budget and which projects it should prioritize. Additionally, Councilmember David Hogard said a local resident and colleague of his at Pittsburg State University recently complimented the Frontenac Police Department for its professionalism.