Kala Spigarelli reappointed to Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys

Jordan Meier
Morning Sun
Kala Spigarelli

PITTSBURG, Kan. — Since 1992, Kala Spigarelli has been serving the Pittsburg community as a lawyer, and now she is once again serving the state on the Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys.  

“We want to ensure that the public’s getting a good service,” Spigarelli said, “and it makes me feel good to be involved in that.”   

Born and raised in Pittsburg, Spigarelli ventured out west for her higher education, graduating from Arizona State with her undergraduate degree, and then coming back to Kansas for law school at Washburn State University in Topeka.  

She practiced law briefly in Kansas City in the early 1990s, but quickly missed her hometown and returned to Pittsburg to practice law with her dad — who has been practicing law for 51 years — and later her sister.  

“I love that our community is close knit,” she said. “I think our community has a lot of people that want to see the city move forward. We’re a friendly, welcoming community.”  

Together the three of them run Spigarelli Law Firm located on Broadway, and Spigarelli says they focus on general civil litigation.  

“It’s never boring; there is something new every day,” she said, adding that she values “the ability I have to help somebody who has a problem or who is in need.”  

Today, Spigarelli has been practicing law for 31 years and recently was reappointed to the Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys by the Kansas Supreme Court for a second four-year term.  

According to Spigarelli, the Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys is comprised of 20 attorneys from all across the state that help serve as a “self-discipline or watchdog over other attorneys.”  

Spigarelli will be one of the only attorneys representing the southeast Kansas area, which she considers an honor, and said she’s proud to represent this part of the state on the board.  

“We watch over our profession,” she said, “and make sure the public gets the best representation from the lawyers that they hire.”  

Jordan Meier is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. She can be reached at jmeier@morningsun.net